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Lebed:Trolley-Bus Bomb is a Mad Terrorist Act

Moscow July 11 (RFE/RL) -- Russia's top security officials says the bomb blast that occurred on a trolley-bus in central Moscow today was a "terrorist act." Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Lebed said the bomb was a "mad, ill-considered terrorist act aimed at raising tension in Moscow." Five people were wounded in the explosion, which took place when a bomb left in a bag exploded in a trolley-bus. The driver's cabin was wrecked in the blast. The driver was seriously injured, with burns and a broken leg. Moscow health authorities say the other three people had already been released from hospital with minor injuries.

Interfax news agency quoted Federal Security Service officials as saying nobody, so far, had claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov said on Russian TV that all the necessary measures would be taken to "ensure that this does not go unpunished."

The blast is the second explosion on the Moscow public transportation system in a month. It comes as Lebed and Luzhkov launched an anti-crime drive in the Russian capital.