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Striking Miners Receive More Funds From Russian Government

Moscow, July 30 (RFE/RL) -- The Russian government today sent more funds to pay back wages to more than 10,000 striking miners in the Far East.

About $9 million from the federal budget has been sent to the Primorye region, according to Alexander Livshits, President Boris Yelstin's chief economic advisor. The funds were made available to lessen what he called the region's "acute problems," according to Itar-tass.

Miners in the Primorye region, who began the strike two and a half weeks ago, are demanding payment of back wages for the last six months. Correspondents say the federal government owes a total 130,000 million rubles to the region's miners.

Meanwhile, a protest fast by some 300 workers at an electricity plant in the Primorye region has entered its sixth day. But five workers reportedly ended their protest fast today at the urging of doctors.