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Bosnia: U.S. Disappointed With Election Boycott; Lack Of TV Station

Washington, 29 August 1996 (RFE/RL) - The United States says all eligible voters in Bosnia should go to the polls next month to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The United States is disappointed that some political parties in Bosnia are calling for a boycott of the September 14 elections, said State Department spokesman Glyn Davies

"All they are doing is denying themselves the opportunity to play a significant role in the future of their country," he said. Davies said the United States encourages all eligible voters to vote.

Davies also expressed disappointment that Bosnian authorities are opposing efforts to create an independent television broadcast.

The network should start broadcasting in time to be useful and disseminate information before the September elections, he said.

"We want to see it opened very, very soon," he said.

Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic pledged in Geneva two weeks ago to do so, said Davies. The United States is using various means to pressure the Bosnians into keeping their commitment.

The planned network is to have two independent stations in Sarajevo, and one each in the towns of Tuzla, Zenic and Mostar. It was supposed to have become fully operational last month.