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Bosnia: Ruling Muslims Hold Final Rally

Sarajevo, 13 September 1996 (RFE/RL) -- The president of Bosnia's ruling Muslim party, the SDA, yesterday urged tens of thousands of followers to go to the polls in peace this Saturday.

Our correspondent reports that Alija Izetbegovic issued the appeal at a rally in Sarajevo during the final day of campaigning for Bosnia's first post-war national elections.

Izetbegovic said pre-election campaigns are usually very loud, but "the elections themselves should be quiet and peaceful." He also invited his followers to stop any incidents which might marr the electoral process.

Izetbegovi's party decided at the last minute not to go forward with a threatened boycott.

"We have to trust someone and I pray we won't regret that," he said.

He later outlined his vision for the country's future.

"SDA stands for a Bosnia where everyone can pray to God the way taught by his or her mother," he said. "A Bosnia in which no one is harrassed because of their religion, nationality, or political opinion."

He also said his party was fighting for a better position for the women of Bosnia.

"Those women will bring up the next generation, which is needed to rebuild, liberate and unite Bosnia," he said.