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Kazakhstan: President Names New Chief of Staff

Almaty, 15 October 1996 (RFE/RL) -- Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has issued a special decree naming a new chief of staff. Our Almaty correspondent reports the new chief of staff is Orazay Abdikarimov, while the former chief of staff, Stepan Shutkin, has been named Kazakhstan's new prosecutor general.

Japanese Officials Discuss Increased Investments

Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Akejan Kajegeldin has held talks with Japanese officials in Almaty to discuss increased investments by Tokyo.

Our Almaty correspondent reports that during yesterday's meeting, Kajegeldin noted Japanese credits already provided for construction of a new airport at Aqmola, which is to be Kazakhstan's new capital; and credits provided by Tokyo for improvements to Kazakhstan's education system.

The chief of Japan's Foreign Ministry Credits Department suggested it might be in Almaty's interest to organize a special government committee on coordination and control of foreign investments.

Heating System Ready For Winter

The newly established Kazakh-Belgian Joint Almaty Power Consolidated Company has announced that Almaty is prepared for winter heating demands. It was announced that the city's heating system would be switched on this Thursday.