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Slovenia: Uncertainty Follows Vote

Ljubljana, 11 November 1996 (RFE/RL) - Unofficial results from yesterday's parliamentary elections in Slovenia show the ruling Liberal Democrats winning the largest share of votes, but it remains unclear whether they will be able to form a new governing coalition.

The Liberal Democrats, led by Prime Minister Janez Drnovsek, won just over 27 percent, better than their showing in the last elections four years ago. But their current coalition partners, the Christian Democrats, did far worse and received less than 10 percent, leaving them in fourth place.

Two parties which analysts say are less enthusiastic than the Liberal Democrats about membership in western bodies, including the European Union, came in second and third. The People's Party led by Marian Podobnik won more than 19 percent while the Social Democrats led by Janez Jansa won 16 percent. They were part of a loose election alliance known as the Slovene Spring. Podobnik said today he believes final results will allow them to form a new government with him as Prime Minister.

But the current ruling party's vice president, Igor Bavcar, says his Liberal Democrats will probably attempt to form a coalition including the People's Party. Bavcar told the Associated Press news agency that a broad alliance would be good for the country as it pursues EU membership and economic reforms.

The division of seats in the 90 member parliament will not be known until final official results are available later this week.