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Croatia: World Bank Loan Aids Clearing Of Mines, Rebuilding Transport

Washington, 22 November 1996 (RFE/RL) - Croatia has been approved for a World Bank Loan of about $102 million to clear land mines in areas of high economic priority for reconstruction and to finance the emergency reconstruction of key bridges, railways and the port.

The loan will provide about $34 million to clear known land mines, screen areas where mines might be, and train mine clearers and instructors to carry out the work.

The rest of the loan, around $88 million, will be used for reconstruction of the Croatian half of the Zupanja-Orasje bridge crossing the Sava River into Bosnia, the repair of 130 kilometers of roads and 30 bridges primarily in the Lika and Cordun areas, the reconstruction of the Lika and Novska-Sisak railway lines, and the repair of critical equipoment and buildings in Ploce Port, the primary sea port serving Bosnia.