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Serbia: Radio B-92's Broadcasting Restored After Flood

By Srdjan Kusovac

Belgrade, 6 December 1996 (RFE/RL) - Our correspondent in the Serbian capital reports that Belgrade's independent radio station B-92 restored broadcasting yesterday.

Radio B-92 News Editor, Milica Kuburovic, told our correspondent that the radio had received a fax at 18:00 (6 p.m.) Central European Time, signed by the General Manager of Radio Television of Serbia, Dragoljub Milanovic.

The fax said that "due to technical problems caused by a flood" the radio's transmitter "could not function for a couple of days" and radio broadcasting had to be interrupted."

Milanovic said that "staff from Radio TV Serbia was solving the problem."

Radio B-92 editors said the authorities still needed to address a fundamental lack of press freedom and democratic reform in Serbia.

Earlier yesterday B-92 had resumed broadcasting, but it was on the air for just a few minutes before being interrupted. Another Belgrade independent radio that had its programs interrupted two days ago, Radio Index also resumed broadcasting yesterday afternoon.

Serbian authorities interrupted the radio's broadcasting on Tuesday. Before that, the stations were the only domestic source of information on the massive protests in Belgrade against the annulment of an opposition victory in last month's municipal election.