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Slovenia: No Winner Apparent In Referendum

Ljubljana, 9 December 1996 (RFE/RL) - Unofficial results from yesterday's referendum in Slovenia indicate voters failed to approve any of three proposals to reform the country's system of voting for parliament.

Slovenia's state statistical office says that none of the proposals appear to have won the necessary majority support of voters.

The center-right Social Democratic Party proposed a two-round electoral system under which a candidate who managed to secure an absolute majority would win in each of 88 districts. Their proposal received more than 44 percent.

The center-left Liberal Democrats offered a plan for a proportional representation system in which each party would put up a list of 88 candidates. That proposal won the backing of just over 26 percent. Slovenia's Senate proposed a model combining the two plans. It received some 14 percent.

Some 10 percent of ballots were spoiled and about four percent of voters voted against all three models. Only some 38 percent of Slovenia's nearly 1.5 million eligible voters took part in the voting.

Final official results are expected on Thursday.