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Kazakhstan: Demostrators Protest Timing Of Independence Parade

Almaty, 18 December 1996 (NCA) -- Organizations and individuals who participated in the 1986 December Uprising in Almaty, the Kazakh capital, conducted an unsanctioned demonstration of protest yesterday on Almaty's Republic Square.

The four-hour demonstration involving about 3,000 people followed a parade ostensibly honoring Kazakhstan's Independence Day. Movements and parties, such as Jeltoqsan (December), Azat (Liberty), the Union of Homeless and others assembled in the square from different parts of Kazakhstan. They said they were protesting scheduling the military parade on a day of mourning and remembrance for victims of the uprising. They said the parade should have been held instead on the actual Independence Day, December 16.

University Dormitory Complex To Open

Turkistan City -- Officials of Kazakh Turkish University in Turkistan City in southern Kazakhstan will open a students' dormitory complex at a ceremony tomorrow. A delegation of Turkish intellectuals is expected to attend.

Mustafa Shoqay Conference Set

Almaty -- The World of Kazakhs Association has scheduled a scholarly conference, titled "Mustafa Shoqay and Kazakhs Abroad," to begin Friday in Almaty. A biography of Shoqay is to be presented.

Shoqay, a Kazakh intellectual, was a member of the first Kazakh Autonomy Government known as Alash�Orda. He escaped to the West during a period of revolution and repression in Russia. Under the Soviets, Kazakhstan denounced Shoqay as an "enemy of the Kazakh nation." During World War II, he was a leader of the "Greater Turkistan" government in exile. Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev serves as chairman of the association.

Liquidation Of Bankrupt Bank Begins

Almaty -- Receivers in Almaty have begun the sale of property of the bankrupt Krams Bank. Krams Bank owes the equivalent of $117 million to 26,000 depositors, including foreign companies and embassies.