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Russia/China: U.S. Favors Constructive Russia-China Relationship

Washington, 19 December 1996 (RFE/RL) - The United States says it has "no objection" to Russia and China having a positive, constructive relationship.

State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said yesterday the United States does not want China or Russia isolated but "connected to the rest of the world."

China and Russia recently signed a series of broad agreements, including on military cooperation, rail links and extradition.

Burns made the comments on ties between Moscow and Beijing when he was asked whether the United States was concerned about recent reports of collaboration between Russia, China, India and Iran

The State Department spokesman said that if this was 1966 or 1976 he could understand the concern about rail links between Russia and China. But Burns said this is 1996 and the United States wants the two nations to be engaged.

Burns said it was not good for the United States to see Russia and China at odds with each other. "It is good for us to see them making peace with each other as they have over the last couple of years," he said.

However, Burns said the United States disagrees with Russia and China on ties to Iran and said Washington believes that country ought to be isolated.