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Tajikistan/Russia: Opposition Leader Arrives For Talks In Moscow

Moscow, 19 December 1996 (RFE/RL) - Itar-Tass reports Tajik opposition leader Said Abdullohi Nuri arrived in Moscow today for talks with Tajikistan President Emomaly Rakhmonov.

The talks, which are aimed at settling the four-year old civil war in the country were scheduled to begin this morning but were postponed due to the delay in the arrival of the Tajik opposition delegation.

Correspondents say the delay appeared to be linked to disagreements in the rebel leadership. Yesterday Nuri traveled to Tehran to meet with his number two, Akbar Turajonzadeh, who lives there in exile.

Itar-Tass also says the talks have been postponed until Friday, or maybe Saturday. Russian government spokesman, Igor Shabdurasulov confirmed Russia's Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin would take part in the talks and said the time for them would be set according to Chernomyrdin's working schedule. Rakhmonov and Nuri were expected to complete negotiations for a permanent ceasefire in war-torn Tajikistan.

Both sides signed an interim ceasefire agreement earlier this month but correspondents say sporadic fighting has continued.