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Bulgaria: Opposition Leader Accuses Authorities Of Illegal Surveillance

Sofia, 7 January 1997 (RFE/RL) - The leader of Bulgaria's main opposition Union of Democratic Forces (UDF), Ivan Kostov, has again asserted that opposition leaders have been under illegal police surveillance.

Civilian and military prosecutors are investigating charges UDF headquarters and opposition leaders were targets of illegal wire-taps during the presidential campaign. Opposition-backed candidate Petar Stoyanov won the election and takes office this month.

Last month, Kostov provided the Interior Ministry with audio tapes containing allegedly illegally recorded telephone conversations. Interior Minister Nikolay Dobrev said he recognized his own voice on one of the tapes.

Our correspondent was among reporters to whom Kostov spoke today in Sofia. Kostov cited the allegedly illegal wiretaps to criticize Dobrev's role in crime prevention in the Socialist Government.

Top officials of Bulgaria's Socialist Party today formally proposed Dobrev as the new prime minister. He would replace Zhan Videnov, who resigned last month following criticism of his handling of the economy.