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Tatarstan: News Briefs Roundup

Prague, 10 January 1997 (RFE/RL) - The government of Tatarstan intends to reduce the tax on bank profits from 43 to between 38 and 35 percent in 1997. Tatarstan's Minister of the Economy, Damir Bikbov, said in an interview with Tatarstan's financial information agency that the republic government should ratify a resolution lowering the bank tax by the end of January. The government plans to stimulate bank investments in the republic's economy in a bid to reduce the outflow of finances to other regions of Russia.

Project Signed To Build Kazan's First Metro Line

Tatarstan television and radio say Russia's minister of construction, Yefim Basin, has signed a project for Kazan's first underground railway line. Most of the work is supposed to be carried out by tunneling underground to avoid damage to Kazan's historical and architectural monuments.

Head Of Communications Department Visiting Egypt

The head of the Tatarstan presidential office's external communications department, Timur Akulov, is on a visit to Egypt. Our correspondent in Kazan says the main purpose of the visit is to establish bilateral communications between two states at the government level.