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Russia: Lebed Meets U.S. Senators On Inauguration Day

Washington, 20 January 1997 (RFE/RL) - Former Russian national security secretary Aleksandr Lebed met today with two United States' Senators in Washington.

Lebed met privately with William Roth Jr. (R-Del) and Robert Smith (R-NH). Details of the meetings are not yet available.

Roth's spokesman, Brian Tassinari, told RFE/RL the meeting lasted about 40 minutes and he described it as cordial.

Roth is expected to release a statement about the meeting within the next hour.

One of Roth's constituents provided Lebed with a ticket to the inauguration ceremonies in Washington today. The constituent's name has not been released.

The ticket Lebed received only will allow him entrance to the public viewing area near the inaugural platform outside the U.S. Capitol Building. He will be among an estimated 240,000 others who have received tickets. Congressional members distribute these tickets to friends and constituents.