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Russia: Duma Takes No Action On Impeachment

Moscow, 23 January 1997 (RFE/RL) - Russian President Boris Yeltsin is back convalescing in his residence outside Moscow. And State Duma leaders took no action today to put a draft resolution demanding his removal for health reasons back on parliament's agenda.

Kremlin spokesman Sergei Yastrzhembsky said Yeltsin had no working meetings scheduled for today and would be working with documents in the Gorki-9 residence. Yesterday Yeltsin made an unexepected visit to the Kremlin to meet Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

The Duma council, consisting of faction leaders, met today but took no action to include a draft resolution demanding Yeltsin's dissmisal on health grounds back on its agenda.

Yesterday the State Duma first approved the resolution "in principle", but then rejected an immediate vote on the measure. After the vote the Duma press-service insisted it only amounted to a postponement and the issue might be taken up again next month. But Acting Duma speaker Alexander Shokhin however said today the vote amounted to a final rejection of the motion.

Kremlin spokesman Yastrzhembsky, quoted by Interfax, today condemned the Duma draft resolution as "legally null and void" and said those who had proposed it had suffered a fiasco. At a senior ministers' meeting earlier today Chernomyrdin said discussion of Yeltsin's health problems at the Duma was "absolutely improper and tactless".