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Tajikistan: Hospitals Filled With Typhoid Patients

Dushanbe, 26 February 1997 (RFE/RL) - A leading doctor in Dushanbe says that all available beds in the city's eight hospitals are filled with people suffering from typhoid fever.

Mavlooda Hasanova, a doctor at the city's central hospital, told our correspondent today that between 165 and 200 people are being admitted to hospital every week. He says the lack of hospital space is forcing officials to equip a number of school buildings to accommodate the growing number of typhoid patients.

In attempts to halt the spread of the disease, Tajik officials this weeks closed schools for the next two weeks and will temporarilly halt train service to Moscow.

The International Red Cross says there are about 4,000 cases of typhoid fever in Dushanbe. Red Cross officials have expressed concern that the epidemic broke out in the middle of winter, and predicted it could spread even further once temperatures start to rise.