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Tajikistan: Peace Talks Adjourn

Teheran, 9 April 1997 (RFE/RL) - Peace talks between the Tajik government and the Islamic opposition have adjourned in Teheran for several days. The talks adjourned just a few hours after they began.

The deputy leader of the Tajik opposition, Akbar Turajonzadeh, announced the break in the talks to journalists in Teheran. He said the reason was that 11 members of the Tajik opposition were being detained in Moscow on charges of terrorism. Turajonzadeh demanded their immediate release, saying the detentions made an impending amnesty in Tajikistan "lose all significance."

There has been no comment so far from Moscow. The head of the Tajik government delegation, Foreign Minister Talbak Nazarov, said he was not aware of the detentions.

The new round of peace talks had been expected to focus on the amnesty and Tajik government demands for the disarmament of opposition parties. The Islamic opposition wants guarantees for the security of its leaders after the disarmament process.

Tajik President Emomali Rakhmonov and opposition leader Abdullo Nuri signed a ceasefire accord last December. In February of this year, they agreed to the formation of a joint government. But a final peace treaty remains to be worked out in negotiations.