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Bulgaria: Parliament Approves 'National Salvation' Declaration

Sofia, 8 May 1997 (RFE/RL) - Bulgaria's newly elected parliament today adopted a declaration that outlines the country's priorities for future reforms, along with domestic and foreign policy.

The so-called "National Salvation" declaration calls for the establishment of a currency board to replace foreign exchange operations at the central bank. It supports tough measures against organized crime, as well as Bulgarian membership in both NATO and the European Union. It also calls for Communist-era secret police files on public officials to be opened and for agricultural land to be fully privatized.

The majority-holding coalition of the United Democratic Forces (ONS) proposed the declaration as a way of gaining broader support for planned reforms. The document is seen as insurance against a populist backlash. All 233 MPs present today voted in favor of texts on EU integration and the fight against crime.

On NATO membership, the vote was 175 to 27 with 32 abstentions. That shows that at least two small parties outside of the ONS coalition also support NATO membership.