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NATO/Russia: Moscow, Atlantic Alliance Reach Accord

Moscow, 14 May 1997 (RFE/RL) - Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov and NATO Secretary General Javier Solana say their agreement today at talks in Moscow opens the way for Russia and NATO to sign a security deal in Paris on May 27.

Speaking at a briefing after they agreed on terms of future relations between Russia and the Western alliance, both Solana and Primakov called the accord a "victory of wisdom."

Primakov and Solana did not give details of the document, but both officials praised the results of the talks, the sixth round of negotiations between Russia and NATO.

Primakov said the agreement is "a great victory of wisdom, a victory for the international community, a victory for Russia and other countries that want peace."

Primakov also said he and Solana reached "full understanding on the document, including its military aspects."

Solana called Primakov a tough and intelligent negotiator and said they had "hammered out an accord suitable for all parties."

The agreement came after Yeltsin conferred during today's talks by telephone with Primakov and Solana. The document, if approved by Yeltsin and the 16 NATO governments would define relations between Russia and NATO and address some of Russia's concerns about NATO's planned expansion eastwards.