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Former Yugoslavia: Short News Items

Belgrade, 27 May 1997 (RFE/RL) - The Serbian Renewal Movement's leader Vuk Draskovic and the Serbian Radical Party's chief Vojislav Seselj yesterday called for the replacement of Belgrade Mayor Zoran Djindjic. An RFE/RL correspondent reports from Belgrade that Draskovic and Djindjic are partners in the opposition Zajedno coalition, but have been feuding in public for weeks. Belgrade reports say former Yugoslav Prime Minister Milan Panic is hoping to emerge as the eventual joint opposition Serbian presidential candidate.

News From Around Serbia

Federal Yugoslav Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sainovc returned from a four-day visit to Kuwait yesterday, and announced that Kuwait will buy $50 million worth of Yugoslav military equipment.

Serbian reports say that, across Serbia, 106 schools remain closed because of a teachers' strike.

In Novi Pazar, Serbian government Minister without Portfolio Milun Babic warned the governing Muslim Party of Democratic Action (SDA) that "this is the first time in the history of the new Yugoslavia that a nationally based party holds total power," and warned the SDA that "it must show how democratic it is." The Serbian parliament is currently debating a bill that will guarantee Serbs and Montenegrins a power role in regions where they are in the minority.

Tensions Continue In Macedonia

Reports say that in the ongoing controversy in Macedonia's Gostivar -- over flying Albanian and Turkish flags from the town hall -- police yesterday moved in to break up armed clashes between Macedonians on one hand and ethnic Albanians and Turks on the other. In Debar, there was another violent incident near the Macedonian-Albanian border.