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Kyrgyzstan: 500 Demonstrate In Capital

Bishkek, 5 June 1997 (RFE/RL) - A group of about 500 people demonstrated outside the Kyrgyz government building in Bishkek today.

The demonstration was organized by Kyrgyzstan's Committee to Protect Journalists, led by Turusunbek Akunov, the chairman of the Human Rights Movement of Kyrgyzstan. Another group representing the homeless people of the city also took part in the demonstration.

A list of four demands was prepared by the leadership of the groups. Those demands are, that all journalists from Kyrgyz newspapers currently under arrest be freed, that an investigation be carried out imto Tuesday's beating by the militia of four protest fasters, that the mayor and Bishkek city administration resign, and that something be done for the homeless youth in Bishkek.