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Armenia/Georgia: EU Adopts Interim Trade Agreements

Luxembourg, 27 June 1997 (RFE/RL) - The European Commission yesterday adopted a decision which will allow interim agreements with Georgia and Armenia to come into force.

Our correspondent reports from Luxembourg that within the next two months the interim agreements on trade-related issues with Georgia and Armenia will come into force -- as part of European Union (EU) Partnership and Cooperation Agreements signed with each country, but not yet ratified.

The interim agreements formally liberalize trade in many goods, and offers each side most-favored-nation treatment on tariffs and duties. EU Commissioner Hans van den Broek said the interim agreements are an excellent basis for the further integration of these two countries in the global economy.

Each country is a major recipient of EU financial aid. Georgia has received more than $200 million in aid, most in food-and-humanitarian aid. Armenia has received a similar amount of EU aid -- most of it, also, in food-and-humanitarian aid.