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Romania: Clinton Eager To Visit

Washington, 30 June 1997 (RFE/RL) - The White House says U.S. President Bill Clinton is delighted to have the opportunity to visit Bucharest and speak to the people of Romania.

Spokesman Michael McCurry told reporters last week that Clinton looks forward to expressing gratitude to Romanians for their commitment to democratic values and free market economics.

McCurry announced that Clinton will visit Poland and then Romania in the days immediately after the NATO alliance summit in Madrid on July 7 and 8. McCurry said there are still details to be worked out, including the exact dates for the visits to Warsaw and Bucharest.

Poland is expected to receive an invitation to join NATO while Romania, which is eager to join, will most likely have to wait for a second round of expansion.

McCurry says the U.S. hopes Romania will continue its close cooperation with NATO in order to enhance its prospects for future membership. He says NATO will keep the door to expansion open.