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Moldova: Court Rules Against Presidential Decrees

Prague, 22 July 1997 (RFE/RL) - The Moldovan Constitutional Court yesterday ruled that two decrees issued by President Petru Lucinschi in April 1997 are unconstitutional.

The decrees set up a governmental department for fighting organized crime and corruption and appointed the chief of the department. The court also declared unconstitutional a government decision issued in May 1997 in connection with the implementation of the decrees.

The decrees and the governmental decision were contested in the court by Valentin Dolganiuc, the leader of the parliamentary opposition Christian Democratic Front faction. The court said the prerogative of setting up new departments of the government belongs to the parliament and not to the president.

The court also ruled that the governmental decision on implementing the decrees infringes the constitutional right to personal liberty, personal and family privacy, inviolability of domicile and the secrecy of private correspondence and of telephone conversations.