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Moldova: Breakaway Region May Win Concessions

Prague, 25 July 1997 (RFE/RL)- A draft agreement compiled by the Joint Control Commission that oversees the truce in Moldova's breakaway region seems to go a long way towards meeting the demands of the separatists.

According to the independent Moldovan news agency BASA-press, the draft ives the Transdniester the right to have its own constitution, parliament, flag, state symbols and a separate anthem. The official languages in the Transdniester are to be Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian.

Alluding to what Tiraspol perceives as the danger of reunification with Romania, the draft gives Transdniester the right of self-determination if Moldova loses its independence. The draft also says Tiraspol participates in the making of foreign policy and security decisions affecting the breakaway region and in decisions on Moldova's budget, while concomitantly having its own separate budget. The region is to determine its own structure of local government.