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Eastern Europe: Floodwaters Burst Two Dikes

Frankfurt an der Oder, 25 July 1997 (RFE/RL) - Floodwaters burst through dikes at two points to the north and south of Frankfurt an-der-Oder in eastern Germany today.

The collapses came as German authorities ordered some 8,000 villagers in the area to evacuate. But news reports say many of those ordered to leave are refusing to do so, preferring to continue working on flood barriers to safeguard their property.

Correspondents say water levels in the area have risen more quickly than expected as a flood crest from weekend rains moves down the Oder river.

In Poland and the Czech Republic most river levels today are reported stable or subsiding after floods earlier this month killed more than 100 people there.

At Poland's request, the United Nations yesterday activated its emergency response system to aid the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the flooding in Central Europe.