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Afghanistan: Taliban And Opposition Exchange Rocket Fire

Kabul, 28 July 1997 (RFE/RL) - Correspondents in Kabul say the Taliban militia and opposition forces exchanged rocket and artillery fire today from positions about 20 kilometers north of the Afghan capital.

There were no reports of any change in the frontline positions. Reports say the lines north of Kabul have been stable since Friday after the opposition advanced more than 60 kilometers toward Kabul. The advance put the Taliban-held city within range of rocket launchers.

Correspondents say the rumble from this morning's barrages could be heard throughout Kabul. None of the city's hospital's reported any casualties.

The Taliban has been based in Kabul since the ouster of ex-president Burhanuddin Rabbani last year. But anti-Taliban forces have continued to fight the Islamist militia from entrenched mountain positions in the north.