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Kazakhstan: Uighurs Demonstrate

Almaty, 31 July 1997 (RFE/RL)- A group of between 40-50 Uighurs demonstrated near the Chinese Embassy in Almaty, Kazakhstan today.

The group attempted to demonstrate in front of the Chinese Embassy but Kazakh security forces blocked the way. The group held their demonstration at a nearby park instead.

Some among the Uighurs carried signs with "Freedom for Uighuristan" and "Down with Chinese Colonists" written on them.

One of the Uighurs involved in the demonstration said the Uighurs didn't want trouble with the Kazakh authorities but wished to show that the Uighurs of Kazakhstan oppose the policies of Communist China.

China announced publicly on Monday that several more Uighurs had been executed on July 22 in connection with riots that broke out in China's western Xinjiang Province where Uighurs make up the majority of the population. Ten people were reported killed in that riot and at least 140 were injured.