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Bosnia: Clinton Meets With Advisers

Washington, 18 August 1997 (RFE/RL) - President Bill Clinton reviewed the situation in Bosnia and the Balkans Friday in a meeting with his foreign policy advisers.

White House spokesman Michael McCurrry told reporters that Clinton wanted to hear the assessments of special envoys Richard Holbrooke and Robert Gelbard, who returned earlier last week from a trip to the region.

McCurry said the U.S. has a list of eight priorities for Bosnia, including economic reconstruction, the return of refugees and police operations. He said Clinton is getting reports from about a dozen different people in the U.S. government on these priority issues.

At the State Department, spokesman James Rubin said Gelbard was to return to the Balkans on a mission focusing mainly on Bosnia. Gelbard was to leave for Sarajevo Sunday and remain there through Tuesday. He may also travel to Tuzla and Brcko and other cities. Rubin said Gelbard has not yet finalized his itinerary.

He said Gelbard wants to discuss agreements among the ethnic groups on creating a central bank and new currency, and also review the situation of returning refugees.

Rubin said Gelbard will emphasize that Balkan leaders have to work together on this issue.

He said there will be a renewed effort in several cities in coming days to return people to the homes they fled during the fighting.