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Russia: Repairs Restore Power To Mir

Moscow, 22 August 1997 (RFE/RL) - Russian cosmonauts on Mir have reconnected 11 cables to restore power to the station's damaged Spektr module during repair work today. Pavel Vinogradov, assisted by Anatoly Solovyov, are continuing to check the extent of damage to the module, which was rammed by a cargo ship in June.

Before the repairs end today, they will also try fit the module with a new hatch.

The third crew member, American astronaut Michael Foale, is standing by in the Soyuz re-entry capsule which would be used to evacuate the team in an emergency.

The repair effort was delayed earlier today for more than two hours by equipment failures. First, problems arose in depressurizing a passage outside Spektr. Then Vinogradov's space suit developed a leak and was later repaired.