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Europe: German Prosecutors Say Krenz Jail Term Too Short

Berlin, 27 August 1997 (RFE/RL) - German prosecutors today filed an objection to a six and a half year jail term imposed on the last hardline East German leader, Egon Krenz, for the killings of citizens trying to flee to the West.

The prosecutors had demanded 11 years in prison for Krenz.

A spokeswoman for justice authorities says prosecutors will submit the reasons for their objection after they get a written copy of the court's full judgment.

The prosecutors have also lodged objections to the three-year prison sentences imposed on Krenz's fellow former Politburo members: Berlin district communist party chief Guenter Schabowski and party economist Guenther Kleiber. All three were convicted of manslaughter. Krenz and Kleiber have appealed and Schabowski said he intends to appeal.

Krenz was taken into custody on Monday immediately after the verdict out of fear that he might try to flee the country like his predecessor Erich Honecker. Krenz is being held in Moabit prison next to the courthouse. Kleiber and Schabowski remain free until the verdict becomes legally binding.