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Romania: Minister Calls Politicans And Journalists Spies

Prague, 23 September 1997 (RFE/RL) - Romanian Foreign Minister Adrian Severin has charged several leading politicians and journalists with being foreign spies.

In an interview with the daily "Azi", and at a later news conference, Severin said two or three directors of large circulation dailies are agents of foreign countries and that two leaders of political parties are also being financed from abroad.

Severin also said a few people posing as human rights activists are really former informers of the "Securitate" and that some of those who are "fighters against corruption" were involved in illegal dealings.

There has been no independent confirmation of Severin's allegations. And he identified no individuals or countries allegedly employing them. Reacting to yesterday's interviews, the directors of the Romanian Intelligence Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service both denied having any such information.