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Ukraine: Kuchma Satisfied With New Voting System

Mexico City, 26 September 1997 (RFE/RL) - Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma today welcomed the recent approval of a new, proportional representation-type of voting for elections to Ukraine's parliament.

Kuchma, on an official visit to Mexico, was quoted by the independent UNIAR news agency as saying he is satisfied agreements reached with the parliamentary factions before he left on his trip, were implemented. Today's comments were Kuchma's first official reaction to Wednesday's parliamentary decision.

Under the new voting scheme, to replace the majority system, half the legislature's 450 seats will be decided on the basis of party lists, with the rest going to candidates elected on an individual basis. The number of seats alloted to the parties is proportional to the percentage of the votes they receive. Ukraine will hold its next parliamentary election in March of next year.