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Russia: U.S. Legislators Call For Sanctions

Washington, 3 October 1997 (RFE/RL) - A group of U.S. legislators has written to President Bill Clinton recommending that he impose sanctions against Russia and reassess cooperation programs because of its alleged sale of nuclear technology to Iran.

The letter, signed by 96 U.S. senators and congressmen, says there are now substantiated allegations that Russia has been providing Iran with missile technology and technical advice in violation of an international nuclear non-proliferation accord, signed by Russia.

The letter says these activities pose a direct threat to U.S. security and urges Clinton to demand that the Russian government stop these activities.

It says the Russian response to U.S. enquiries has been inadequate so far and the U.S. must urge the Russian government, in accordance with its own Criminal Code and export controls, to immediately penalize the entitities identified as having sold missile technology to Iran.

The legislators say in the letter that if Russia fails to respond, the U.S. should freeze the assets and seize the property in the United States of the Russian entitities involved in the illegal sales to Iran.