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Russia: Officials Call For Dialogue With Chechnya

Moscow, 14 October 1997 (RFE/RL) - Russian officials have called for an open dialogue with the Chechen Parliament on "all aspects" of their bilateral relations in an effort to bring a lasting peace between Moscow and its breakaway Caucasus republic.

Such an idea was supported today Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Russia's minister for nationality and federal affairs, Ivan Rybkin, the secretary of Russia's Security Council and, Viktor Ilyukhin the chairman of the Duma's committee on security. All three are taking part in closed-door meetings between Russian goverment officials and Russian legislators focusing on Chechnya. Chechen officials, invited to take part, have largely boycotted the talks having only sent one parliamentary representative to Moscow.

The chairman of the Duma's nationalities' committee, Vladimir Zorin, said during a break in the meetings that the participants were to draft a recomendation that Zorin said would likely express support for the continuation of the peace process.

Rybkin said patience is needed both in Russia an Chechnya to ensure peace.