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Tajikistan: Two Newspapers Fail To Publish

Moscow, 17 November 1997 (RFE/RL) - The Moscow-based Glasnost Foundation on Friday released a letter questioning a decision by publishers in Tajikistan not to publish the weekly editions of two newspapers -- "Vecherniye Vesti" and "Biznes i Politika."

The publishing house responsible for printing the papers, Sharki Ozod, refused to print yesterday's editions. An employee at the publishing house said the order came from the Tajik president's office. The president's office denied this.

The Glasnost Foundation lists two articles appearing in the papers as possible reasons for its failure to appear. One article on cooperation and reconciliation was by former Tajik Prime Minister and 1994 presidential candidate, Abdumalik Abdullajonov. Abdullajonov currently is head of the National Revival Movement.

The other article was a response by a collection of journalists to an earlier article by the second secretary of the Russian Embassy in Dushanbe which criticized Russian journalists' coverage of Russian-Tajik relations.