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Russia: Yeltsin Is Hospitalized With Cold

Mowcow, 10 December 1997 (RFE/RL) - Russia's President Boris Yeltsin was hospitalized today with what was described as a cold.

Russian news agencies reported Kremlin doctors expect Yeltsin's illness to last ten-to-12 days. Yeltsin was reported under treatment at a sanitorium outside Moscow.

The Kremlin confirms that Yeltsin was taken to the Barvikha sanitorium near his Moscow residence, where he had spent time recuperating for heart problems and bypass surgery last year.

The Russian president was re-admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia in January of this year, but had lately been looking healthy as he pursued a busy schedule.

Last month, the Russian surgeon who led Yeltsin's heart operation, Renat Akchurin, gave him a clean bill of health, saying Yeltsin's heart muscle was functioning well. Just yesterday, Yeltsin held talks with parliamentary leaders and Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. He was also said to be involved in resolving today's airplane hijacking crisis.