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Slovakia: Opposition Leaders Ready To Form New Government

Bratislava, 27 September (RFE/RL) - The leaders of the four Slovak opposition parties, which together won a majority in weekend elections, say they are ready to form a new government for a full four-year term. The four party leaders yesterday urged Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar to call the new parliament into session right away. Meciar is currently exercising certain presidential powers in the absence of a president.

They also called on the government, the National Property Fund, and other state organs to refrain from any further transfers of property rights to private persons. They further said public institutions should prevent any destruction of documents that could show that the current government had violated laws.

Provisional election results show Meciar's party emerged as the largest single party and it too says it will try to form a government.

At their press conference, the opposition leaders also praised what they termed the free and regular course the elections had taken. Mikulas Dzurinda, chairman of the largest opposition party, the Democratic Coalition (SDK), declared his intention to become prime minister. He said that the four parties will now hold bilateral talks with each other on personnel issues in the planned new government.