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Yugoslavia: Milosevic Indicted By UN War Crimes Tribunal

This is the first time the international community has presented charges against a head of state in office for atrocities committed during an armed conflict. Also indicted were four other senior Serb officials, including President Milan Milutinovic, Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sajnovic, Chief of Staff Dragoljub Bogdanovic and Interior Minister Vlajko Stojilkovic.

Meanwhile, diplomatic activity is continuing to try to end the military action over Kosovo.

The EU's Kosovo envoy, Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, says progress has been made toward resolving the Kosovo crisis during two days of talks in Moscow with Russian and U.S. negotiators.

At the conclusion of the talks today, Ahtisaari said the views of Brussels, Washington and Moscow are approaching each other. "The facts that bind everyone have been recognized."

Russian Balkan envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin delayed a trip to Belgrade to continue the Moscow talks. Aides say he may leave for Belgrade as late as tomorrow. Chernomyrdin today, in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post, warned that Russia would suspend cooperation with the United States and NATO if the alliance refuses to halt its bombing campaign over Yugoslavia. He said it wasn't right for thousands of Serbian citizens to suffer for what he said were the mistakes of one man, Yugoslav President Milosevic.

In Belgrade, Serbia's main opposition parties are urging Milosevic to accept unconditionally whatever proposals Chernomyrdin brings.

Milosevic today called for an end to the strikes against his country, saying a political solution should be sought "without delay." He said the UN should be the forum for reaching a peace agreement.