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Uzbekistan: Background On Parliamentary Elections

Prague, 3 December 1999 (RFE/RL) -- Uzbekistan holds elections to its parliament (Oli Majlis) on Sunday, December 5. Of the original 1,240 candidates registered, there are now 1,022 running for the 250 seats in the unicameral parliament. Some candidates were removed from the ballots by their own parties, some by the Supreme Court, and some by the Central Elections Committee. Here is a list of the numbers of candidates competing from each party:

* The People's Democratic Party (Halq Democratik Partiyasi), formerly the Communist Party, is currently the ruling party in parliament. Registered in 1991, it has 183 candidates running out of an original 247 registered.

* The Homeland Progress Party (Watan Harakiyoti), registered in 1992, has 108 candidates running out of an original 133 registered.

* The Justice and Social Democratic Party, registered in 1996, has 122 candidates running out of an original 156 registered.

* The National Renaissance Party (Milli Tiklanish Partiyasi), registered in 1996, has 92 candidates running out of an original 113 registered.

* The Self-Sacrificers Party (Fidokolar Milli Democrat Partiyasi), registered in 1998, has 209 candidates running out of an original 222 registered.

Candidates who currently are mayors of cities, towns and villages are also registered as candidates in Sunday's elections. It is unclear how they can run while holding office or whether they will have to choose only one position if they win a seat in parliament. There are 206 mayors running for parliamentary seats out of an original 238 registered.

Independent candidates number 102 out of an original 131 registered.