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Russia: Putin Decree Alters National Security Strategy

Moscow, 6 January 2000 (RFE/RL) - Russia's acting president, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree today changing Russia's national security strategy to concentrate on the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Russian news agencies quote the secretary of the Kremlin's advisory Security Council, Sergei Ivanov, as saying after a meeting with Putin that serious changes must be made to Russia's security strategy to cover ecology, health, and computers as well as terrorism and crime. Ivanov says the changes are "radical" and set out what he terms "a clearer definition of the concept of a multipolar world and the way Russia will develop its work to safeguard national interests." He says the document contains proposals on how to "neutralize" terrorism and organized crime.

The 21-page strategic concept is a wide-ranging document that sets out Russia's views on its national interests and establishing priorities for dealing with threats to the country's security.

Putin is a former KGB officer who later headed the domestic security agency FSB and worked as secretary of Russia's Security Council.