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Iran: Hard-Line Clerics Void More Elections, Arrest Reformer

Tehran, 25 April 2000 (RFE/RL) - Iran's conservative clerical establishment today voided more election results and ordered the arrest of a reformist. The Council of Guardians, a conservative clerical watchdog body, nullified race results in another constituency -- the 11th so far -- in which reformists won a plurality of seats. The council also said there were discrepancies in Tehran's results, where the reformists appeared to have won 29 out of 30 seats. The council did not provide details.

Meanwhile, the Special Court for Clergy issued an arrest warrant against a reformist cleric for having attended a conference in Berlin. The conference in Berlin offended conservatives because Iranian exiles made an appearance and a woman danced with bare arms.

The state news agency said Hassan Yussefi Eshkevari is currently out of the country, but will be arrested upon his return.

These moves came after the conservative-dominated judiciary yesterday suspended 13 reformist publications for "having disparaged Islam and the Islamic Revolution."

In a response to these moves, several thousand students rallied peacefully outside Tehran University. Other demonstrations are planned.