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Poland: Socialists Expected To Win Big In Elections

Warsaw, 23 September (RFE/RL) -- Polish voters are going to the polls today in legislative elections in which the conservative Solidarity-led government is widely expected to be swept out of power. The final public opinion polls before election day showed the left-wing opposition coalition led by the Social Democrats, the former communists, as likely to emerge as winners of the election.

By contrast it seems that Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek's right-wing Solidarity-AWS may fail to garner even the 8 percent that a coalition requires to win seats in parliament.

Voters appear frustrated by what they see as a deterioration of the social welfare system under Solidarity-AWS, and by rising unemployent and a general economic slowdown.

Polls close at 8 pm (local and Prague time). Preliminary results are expected tomorrow with final results not due before 26 September.