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Afghanistan: Northern Alliance Invites UN To Kabul

Kabul, 13 November 2001 (RFE/RL) -- The Northern Alliance today invited the United Nations to help build a post-Taliban government. Alliance Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah told a news conference that the opposition forces, which entered the capital unopposed today, welcomes the UN to send teams for talks. He said that foreign forces cannot form the future government of Afghanistan, but are necessary now.

Abdullah also invited members of all Afghan groups, specifically excluding the Taliban, to come to Kabul to begin negotiations.

"We have contacts with different Afghan groups outside Afghanistan for the formation of an interim government and for the formation of a broad-based government, and also for establishing a mechanism for the representation of the people in the future system," Abdullah said.

Abdullah emphasized that the Northern Alliance forces do not intend to run the country alone, and entered Kabul primarily to maintain security when the Taliban militia retreated.