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Russia: Former TV-6 Journalists Win Broadcasting Licence

Moscow, 27 March 2002 (RFE/RL) -- A team of journalists from Russia's former TV-6 television channel today won back the license to broadcast on the same frequency as before. Russian Media Minister Mikhail Lessin announced today that the Federal Broadcasting Commission made a unanimous decision to award the license to the Media-Socium group led by former TV-6 General Director Yevgenii Kiselev.

There had been 13 candidates for the license.

TV-6 was Russia's last privately owned channel with a nationwide reach. Its closure by a state arbitration court earlier this year gave the state a monopoly of the airwaves.

The TV-6 journalists were often critical of the Kremlin in their reporting but some of the businessmen whose backing they accepted are considered close to the government.