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Croatia: Del Ponte To Visit Atrocity Sites

Zagreb, 6 May 2002 (RFE/RL) -- The chief UN war crimes prosecutor for the former Yugoslavia is due today to start a two-day visit to Croatia, where she plans to visit the site of alleged Serbian atrocities during the 1991-95 Serbo-Croatian war. Carla Del Ponte will first meet with Prime Minister Ivica Racan and President Stipe Mesic in Zagreb. Later, she will visit several sites in the eastern Vukovar region and will speak with witnesses of alleged wartime atrocities there. She also will visit mass grave sites and towns and villages that were captured by Serbian rebels backed by the former Yugoslavia's army in November 1991.

During the three-month-long siege of Vukovar, some 1,100 civilians were killed and the town was virtually razed to the ground. So far, some 125 mass graves have been discovered in Croatia while some 1,500 persons are still reported missing.