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Russia: Moscow Unveils Plans To Build Nuclear Reactors In Iran

Moscow, 26 July 2002 (RFE/RL) -- Russia today made public plans to build several nuclear reactors in Iran despite U.S. criticism of the project. According to a long-term program approved earlier this week, Russia plans to construct up to six reactors at the southern Bushehr plant and other sites, expand conventional Iranian power stations, develop gas and oil deposits in Iran, jointly produce aircraft with Iran, and cooperate with Iran in communications and metallurgy.

Washington has been sharply critical of the Bushehr plans, arguing that they could help Iran acquire nuclear weapons.

Iran says the project will be subject to strict monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Dmitrii Rogozin today said that "neither Russia nor the U.S. are interested in other countries' use of peaceful nuclear energy for military purposes."