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Bosnia: Nationalists Gain Ground In Elections

Sarajevo, 7 October 2002 (RFE/RL) -- Partial preliminary results show that nationalists made strong gains in Bosnia-Herzegovina's general election on 5 October. Results released late yesterday reveal that Serbian nationalist Mirko Sarovic and Croatian nationalist Dragan Covic appear to have won two of the three spots on the largely symbolic joint Presidency. The result of the race for the Muslim position is still undecided.

Lidija Korac, head of the election commission, said no races had been decided by last night. It is unclear when complete preliminary results will be released.

Bosnia is made up of two mini-states, the Muslim-Croat federation and Republika Srpska. Voters in both parts of the country elected their own assemblies and delegates to a national assembly.

The nationalist Muslim Party of Democratic Action is emerging as the main party in both the federation and national assemblies.

The nationalist Serbian Democratic Party is leading the race for seats in the Republika Srpska assembly.

A Serbian hard-liner is ahead in the poll for Republika Srpska president.