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Georgia: Explosion Destroys Bridge, Derails Train

Tbilisi, 29 January 2003 (RFE/RL) -- A bridge in western Georgia collapsed today as a train was passing over, causing three tankers filled with oil to fall into a river. Georgia Railways Director Akaki Chkhaidze said there was an explosion on the bridge, which caused the collapse near the village of Vazisubain, about 250 kilometers northwest of Tbilisi.

He said the explosion destroyed the bridge as the tail end of a train was passing over the Khevistskali River. Chkhaidze said the blast was "sabotage," but did not name any suspects or motive, or cite evidence.

Georgian Deputy Security Minister Irakly Alasaniya, however, said an initial analysis of the blast site found no signs of sabotage or terrorism. He said the official report would be issued after a full investigation.